OT: HP Jornada 540


Howdy folks!

Ever since my Cassiopeia E-11's died, I've been looking for a
low cost (previously owned) PDA.

Last week I picked up an HP Jornada 540 at a second hand store ($10 US).
It came with cradle and charger, and the StowAway folding keyboard
was $5 more.

I sorta like it (it seems to lock up a lot) but it doesn't recognize any CompactFlash memory cards I put in it.
(Yes, the cards are formatted to FAT16).

Anybody have experience with these orphans?


dona nobis pacem



The Jornada 540 has a CF Card slot on top of it, which is covered by a small lid that must be pulled up and then pushed down to keep it flush.

Once you insert the card, the Jornada turns itself on. You can browse the card files using the File Explorer.

From my experience, the Jornada 540 is stable unless you use the Media Player too much or you drop it.

Hope this helps.


Thanks Juan,

I pulled the back cover off of it tonight and
found some of the pins on the CompactFlash connector bent and sunk.

I was able to straighten them enough to put a card in it and the
system now recognizes the card.

I'll only remove the card knowing that I may have to remove the
back cover of the Jornada in order for it to be re-installed.


dona nobis pacem

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