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I have been searching for the correct method to create PROMPT’s in MCODE. Obviously placing the text for the prompt into the ALPHA register then executing the XPROMPT entry does create the necessary prompt but I am confused if this is the correct method. I want to make a MCODE routine to prompt and calculate the inductance of a coil per the formula below.
L(uH) = (d2 * n2)/(18d + 40l) Where d is coil diameter, n is the number of turns and l is the length of the coil. I need to be able to enter numbers of all kinds. (42,1.375 or .75) I have been reading the MCODE for beginners and Rabin Ezra’s article regarding partial key sequences. It seems that with the NEXT, NEXT1, NEXT2, NEXT3 routines, one can have no underscore up to 4 underscores if EEX is pressed. Are these the best methods for prompting and then use PTEMP1 and PTEMP2 to cipher the numbers keyed and put them to the display? Any assistance in getting onto the correct track would be appreciated. Sorry for such a newbie MCODE question.

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I'd suggest using one of the freely available ML prompting routines, like HEXKB, HEXKN, or similar.

OTOH if you have a CCD module, you could simply use PMTA, PMTH, or PMTK.



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