HP 50g text box menus for functions


I recently purchased a Hp 50g, great calculator and great screen. However i find it very painful to program vs my old hp48 gx because of the function access. is there a way to cancel the text box display of functions on hp 50g and get the standard hp48 look with the functions appearing in the variables ? For instance for an "If then" program on the 50 g , you have to press Prg, Branch and select if and again Prg Branch and select then... 6 key strokes for 6 letters... Let me know, Thanks !


Probably not a lot of help but I program my 49g which is essentially the same machine the same was I did my 48sx and 28s before: switch to permanent alpha mode and start typing. The menus are more effort to navigate usually.

- Pauli


Yes, set flag 117 and you get soft menus rather than choose boxes.



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