There's only seven days left


Hi all,

    There's only seven days left to match your skills against the ultimate test for math and calc programming ability, my Short & Sweet Math Challenge #20: April, 1st 2008 Spring Special.

    You'll laugh, you'll chuckle, you'll shiver when confronted with your worst math & prog nightmares while the utterly unexpected looms over you, so be warned and reserve some free time next week to devote to it, you don't want some clever guy to ruin the surprise factor for you, right ?

    How much time ? Well, depending on your wits, a minute can be enough or centuries wouldn't ...

    ... despite the fact that I've done my utmost best to make it "oh so simple" ... :-)

Best regards from V.


... seven days LESS a few hours now !!!

Best Regards from Antoine

#6 know how to scare a n00b

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