graphing calculators- basic question


on the presently availible graphing calulators, hp or ti , can one actually enter data points to see a visual graph and or do curve fitting to see a visual result? also can the graphs be printed out?


The nSpire from TI has such functionality, IIRC.


Both brands have that capability. They come at it from different angles. With the TI you edit stats lists then flick switches on the graph screen to turn on a data plot.

On the HPs, you enter your data into Edat matrix and use the stats function to find your regression/curve.

I don't know how to do screen shots on a TI, but it's pretty straight forward on a 50g.

You can find detailed instructions on page 12-32 and 18-13 of the HP 50g users guide.

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Thanks for the info, Howard


I don't know how to do screen shots on a TI, but it's pretty straight forward on a 50g.

With the cable connected and TI Connect running, you can get a screenshot at any time. You do it from the PC, not on the handheld.

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