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Is it better of the than Clonix?


I assume it's based on the Clonix in general,

but maybe with a different controller,

which may have more internal Flash.



Hi Gileno, Raymond

Quite a while ago here at the MoHPC forum we had a rather peculiar "character" named Don, from Down Under (Aurtralia), who claimed he can build a Clonix too.

He created a real nasty atmosfere and David Hicks was forced to modify the "Editing rules" for the posts in the forum, thus affecting all of us. (Archives tell the whole story)

He mailed me privately several times asking for details regarding the construction of the Clonix, and was really upset as I never replied his mail nor his post in this forum either.

Geir Isene tried to get a "Clonix" from him but I don't think he finally got the module in the end... Geir? did you manage to get it?

Building a Clonix is a really easy project, in fact some users have mailed me privately in order to build their own Clonix for their own use, and even a NoVRAM. I've helped all of them and, as far as I know, they all managed to end up with a functional module.

All the info regarding Clonix technical specs, PCB, part list, even the software I wrote and lots of pictures of its internals and diagrams are available on-line at no cost.

Clonix was based on a previous design from John Ioannidis, and I honoured his (and a very long list of people's) job in every single copy of my programs I sell, but haven't see my name mentioned regarding this device. And I have never asked Mr. Ioannidis for help to develop my Clonix.

If someone can make any profit based on my job it's ok for me (as far as he gives the appropriate credit), if someone needs my help to build a Clonix for his own is ok for me too, I've never asked a single cent for that. But I won't spent my time to help someother make his business.

Everyone is free to buy whatever he likes to whomever he likes. And I certainly believe in free market as the best way to put everything and everyone in the place it/he deserves.

Now, for your question Gileno:

No, it's not "better" than Clonix. It's more likely either a 'Clone' of a Clonix, or a resold Clonix from those I trade some years ago. Those claimed "eight" 4K pages are not all into the PIC's Flash ROM... only six in the PIC... (24K in total) ;-)

By the way, a new Clonix-41D ("D" stands for "double") with 12x4K will see the ligth as I get a reasonably priced USB PIC programmer. It will be the companion for the too long awaited NoV-64.

In the meantime anyone can get a real Clonix quite cheaper than the one in the auction and with the adapter for re-programming!... or even better: can build it by himself and enjoy a lot!! ;-)

Best wishes from the Canary Islands.


PS. I've spent far more time writing this post than the "subject" deserves, so I won't make any further comments on the issue.


Geir Isene tried to get a "Clonix" from him but I don't think he finally got the module in the end... Geir? did you manage to get it?

Yes, I sent him money and even two XM modules (for him to make it into a double XM module). I never saw the module, nor my money back.

My advice is: I never had any problems with Diego. He has always been helpful and given more value than I expected. Buy from him.


Hi Diego from you first customer ;-)

I believe that "3e0_rtn" is just the latest eBay incarnation of Emmanuel.
I see you are re-applying to the development of new modules; I'll surely stay tuned! My two Clonix and the NoVRAM are still alive and kicking.

I second Geir's advice: buy from Diego!!



If "3e0_rtn" is just the latest eBay incarnation of Emmanuel then I wish tons of good luck to his customers. One should consider oneself lucky to get an email response from him even after paying him in full. If he ships then one has really struck a winning LOTTO.

I agree with Geir: BUY FROM DIEGO.

Greetings from Singapore.


I have received the two items that I purchased from Emmanuel. It did take some time but the items were received. I have also cooresponded with him lately via e-mail. He does have an interesting project with the FORTH 41 that I am interested in. If he gets this successfully ported out of pages 4-5 I would buy the module.
I have also had excellent success with Diego and Meindert as well.
Just my two cents.


Just to share my experience: I did finally win a LOTTO with Emmanuel and did eventually receive the shipment after persuasive correspondence via Paypal "Goods not received" category.

I have received excellent support and prompt communication from Diego all the time. Unbeatable and friendly service! He truly believes in sharing.

Meindert has been very good communicator too! I am on his waitlist of prospective buyers. Look forward to hear from you Meindert when it is my turn in the queue.

Best regards,



If "3e0_rtn" is just the latest eBay incarnation of Emmanuel then I wish tons of good luck to his customers. One should consider oneself lucky to get an email response from him even after paying him in full. If he ships then one has really struck a winning LOTTO.

Well, to be fair I bought a module from Emmanuel some years ago and, altough a little slowly, all went well.

My comment was there since Diego reminded us about Don and I don't think he is the seller, maybe the builder...



I have seen some items for 3EO_RTN in the classifieds section of this museum: Barcodes, PDF's, QRF's and EPROMs. Now we see a Clonix Clone on ebay. I have no problem if someone wants to make a bit of money, but in my personal opinion this is not in line with the general atmosphere of sharing and being respectful others persons work.

I know from my own experience that Diego and many other friends here on the forum are very open and share their ideas, sources, schematics, listings, documents and technologies. I do that as much as possible myself as well. I think we would all be much more respectful of 3E0_RTN if he would share what is inside and be more open and allow others to build configurations as well.

My personal opinion is that that we all share a common interest, and the 'share' is the magic word here. Of course some hardware, collectibles and services cost real money, but if we never shared our knowledge and goodies then there would never be so much friends here.

Just my 2 Eurocents ....


Hi there, 

I received some mails regarding this item.
Many thanks to the authors.
Diego, please accept my apologies. It was just a 'neglect'. I did not want to offend you.

First at all it is not a eight 4K page module (thanks, Allen)
Secondly the technology is based on Clonix technology, id est PIC18LF252 (thanks, Bernardt and Dario).
You can consider it's a clone of Clonix, if you want.
The name is CPS-41-R-24K.
So that there is no confusion with Clonix build by Diego Diaz!
A Clonix Module is made by Diego Diaz ! I build the CPS-41-R-24K !
I have nothing to do with Don (Australia) !

I modified the description.

Yes, I am working on Forth41 :
- writing a complete user's manual
- making an overlay (done)
- re-writing the ROM to work with HP-41CX (FORTH41X)
- re-writing the ROM to work with a RSU instead of X-Memories (FORTH41Y)
I have the necessary authorizations from Serge Vaudenay !

Why do I sell it?
I got several electronic components from a store.
I have some projects.
For instance the IRIO needs a kit that fits into a module housing (IR Em/Rx and 'Clonix' for ROM).
I have my only Blanknut transformed with FORTH41, 1 X-F and 2 X-Ms inside.
I also combined a FORTH41 with 1 X-F for another calculator.
But I bought some PIC18LF252 in case of ... id est now 5 'Clonix' modules.
1 has no PCB, 2 have a similar PCB and 2 have a reversed PCB.
Resistors are smaller and crystals are not the same.

The asking price also includes ROM building :
If the buyer have his own programs and wants me to put them into a ROM,
and/or if he also wants to have a second copy of his ROM (Zenrom, ...),
I can do it.

3E0_RTN is not a reincarnation of Emmanuel.
Past year I was seriously ill. If you want to really know it, I nearly died but I did not die!
I lost a lot of things, including my ebay pseudo.
I did take my son's pseudo and renamed it.
For those who make MCode on HP-41, 3E0 RTN has a real sense!

Regarding LOTTO, please play with your customs and your postal service, but not with me!
Sometimes I am slow, often not.
Regarding item I send to Singapore on march 2007, I never received message from paypal ?!
The only problem is one with Switzerland which is going to be resolved amicable.
In the middle of march I fell ill.
I will not post anything else regarding this.
If you want to buy from Diego, do it!
If you want to buy something from me, you are welcome !

Edited: 24 Mar 2008, 6:36 p.m.


Hi Emmanuel,

My apologies for the light hearted comments I made without knowing that you were seriously ill during the period of our transaction. I wish you a good health and look forward to your contributions to the world of HP41.

Best regards,




I appreciate your openness, I hope you are really well now. Looking forward to seeing more info,



Question: How do you programm this unit?


Where is the Forth 41 manual? In hpmuseum? TOS?

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