How to capture HP-50g Display-contents


Hello All,

I just tried to capture the contents of the display of my 50g while an INFORM-form is active. According the help-file of the connectivity-kit (V 2.3 Build 2436) one should press ON and Down-Arrow. But this doesn't work. Only way I was able to capture the screen was via I/O-Functions / print display - so there's nothing wrong with the connection. But this method is not available during INFORM-forms. What am I doing wrong ? Any hint will be very much appreciated - thank you for your help in advance.



It does work. Sometimes it doesn't work for some reason anywhere in the calculator and you'll need to reconnect a few times. Basically, make sure that when you HOLD down the ON key and press the UP silver key from the stack it sends. Once that is working, you can take a screenshot at any time (with the exception of while a C program is running).



Thank you very much Tim, for your answer. Menwhile I found out there is a mistake in the German translation of the instructions displayed by the Connectivity Kit. It tells users to press the ON-Key and the Down-Arrow-Key. By pressing the correct keys (ON + UP-Arrow as you wrote) everything works fine. I reported that error to HP and wonder if they will correct it.

Thanks again and enjoying Easter-Holidays.



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