HP-10 Dis-assembly


I am trying to restore an HP-10. I have successfully removed 5 screws from the rear but the bottom of the case will not come apart. Is there a trick top getting this unit apart?
Please let me know.


Hi, Jeff, please look in this recent thread. Both the HP10 and 19C are Sting models and share the same package.

HTH, Walter


Thanks for the response. I did get the unit to open without mishap. I do have some Corrosion on the circuit board. I need to soak the board in Vinegar then clean with Alcohol. The only problem is the "zebra" Cable coming fronm the printer. Can this successfully be pulled from the board and then reinstalled? Is it ok to soak this "zebra" cable in Vinegar also? The next question is regarding the keyboard. The circuit board for the keyboard seems to be locked tight to the top case. Is this something that should come off easily? I was wanting to clean the keyboard.

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