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Hi members:

I have both the above Emulators on my MacBook, which are aiding me through a business course. My question is how can i get the HP12c to calculate: LOG(1.01) = 0.004321374

I can arrive at the above with the HP67 but in my text it says ENTER 1.01 and the press the (ln) button or the (LOG) and i should get 0.00995033. I enter (1.01 then "f" and then "LOG"and it spits out 0.004321374)

Are there tutorials for the HP67, i have the HP12c well in control but i've had a hard time finding guides for the HP67.



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For the 12c, do 1.01 LN 10 LN divide.

That should do it.


Some textbooks define log() as the natural logarithmic function and log10() as the base 10 logarithmic function. Whereas others use ln() and log() respectively, just like your HP-67 and every other calculator I have used.

According to http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Logarithm mathematicians use log() and ln() for the natural logarithmic function, while engineers use log() for the base 10 logarithmic function.

When your textbook says to use the LN or LOG button, I would assume that the textbook author believes that ln() = log(). Possibly making the author more a mathematician than an engineer. And someone that has never used a calculator.


Some textbook     Calculator
------------- ----------
log(1.01) = LN(1.01) = 0.00995
log10(1.01) = LOG(1.01) = 0.00432
To answer your original question:
how can i get the HP12c to calculate: LOG(1.01) = 0.004321374

That is log base 10. On your 12C you can use the LN function to get any base logarithm, e.g.:
log10(1.01) = --------- = 0.00432
Are there tutorials for the HP67?


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Wow... great news guys. Thanks for your prompt reply. I am trying this as i type this.... Great that worked out perfect. Also i didn't have the calc set to 14 digits... that brought up a negative exponent which threw me off.

Again, thank you for the help. Hope i can get an A+ on this assignment.


CaribbeanOSX (that is... over at macosx.com- if you every need a hand with your mac!)

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