Newest project, another restoration...


This just arrived today, a 1976 (typo corrected as per the posts ;-) HP65 unopened as indicated by the intact undamaged back label.

a preliminary testing shows that:

1.  all the memory is functional.
2. the keys all work with excellent HP response.
3. display is very bright and all segments work.
4. the card reader is gummy and will be repaired.
5. by gingerly placing a card in the slot the motor does engage.
6. the case has a few minor dings which may or may not come out,
I have a few ideas on that!
7. the top plate keypad is dirty but has a good finish and
requires only a gentle cleaning.
8. the led outer lense needs to be polished
9. the chrome bezel is in good shape with minor wear.
10. battery compartment and battery prongs are pristine
11. battery tab missing and the other has some fatigue cracks on it

I will be documenting each stage and photographing in a light box with the blue background. Arrows will be added to the pictures but the text will appear at the, under each photo as a caption.

Here are some preliminary shots prior to disassembly:

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Hi, Geoff --

Best wishes for success!

The HP-65 is, of course, from 1976. Probably a mistaken stroke of the adjacent "8" key on your part...

-- KS


That machine is in very good shape! Good luck with your restoration.
I purchased my HP65 in 1975.
It was released in 1974.


Thanks and manufacture date corrected.

The programming is very similar to the Monroe but with conditionals. No line numbers and no backstep, pretty primitive!

Cheers, Geoff

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