HP35s lemon?


Hello Guys,

Reading through some posts about the 35s it seems that it isn't that well loved and the only reason a lot of people is that it's a HP.

The main reason that I have one is that it handles complex numbers a lot better than my 33sII and I spend a lot of time fiddling around with smith charts.

So what do you say, loved or a lemon?


I love mine very much and not only because it's an HP !


It is quite useful!


I hate it and don't use it!

It does not have the "real feeling".


Pretty nice calculator. I liked it enough to develop a whole stat pac for it.



easy to pgrm, nice case, price is right and since I use it outside, I can keep my 42s safe at home!


Re: HP35S

As my grandmother said to me, "Just because you can't say anything good about something, does't mean you should say anything bad about it either".



I classified it as "lemon" because of reports here about developing keyboard problems with time; I don't use it much so mine is still ok. Then given it's impossible to fix the bugs it may be fair to be called so ;)



I classified it as "lemon" because of reports here about developing keyboard problems with time; I don't use it much so mine is still ok.
I'm really interested whether some kind of abrasion is responsible or if it is dirt from production. People concerned with the problem should try randys procedure for cleaning a calculator. With some luck, that might solve this wicked problem.


A calc that's a few months old and not used in a dirty/dusty environment doesn't need cleaning. If the issue is production related that's HP's problem. The solution is to return the unit under the warranty.

Do I consider my 35S a lemon? From a basic design/ergonomics perspective no (the one caveat is I think putting the STO and RCL
functions on the same key was a mistake). The keyboard issue still gives me pause since I've had the unit replaced already for faulty "4" and "ENTER" keys, and the replacement seems to be developing a problem with the decimal key.


My 35s (the one I use as my daily calculator) has not had any problems. I like it, and I don't consider it a lemon.

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