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For those who are waiting for some news: The last weeks I have been using my spare time mainly to refine the software for the MLDL2000. I had a long list of items I wanted to improve, and spent a lot of time on the disassembler. That is now more or less finished. Next task is to get full support for MOD files, and to get the backup and restore functions working. This should not take too much time anymore, and I expect to do a new full release before the end of March.

After that I have my hands and desk free to start working on the MLDL2000 V2 hardware! I did finish most part of the architecture and hardware design, but only on paper and in the computer, nothing with real wires yet.

As always, suggestions are welcome!



Glad to hear that the update is about to be released. The ability to use MOD format images was a sticking point for me. Looking forward to getting the new version.



I don't see any advantage of .MOD over .ROM format, am I missing something?


MOD files have the huge advantage over ROM files that they contain much more information and can have multiple ROM image in one file. And of course it offers compatibility with V41.



Thanks Meindert,

Yet loading multiple .rom into emu41 is simple and I assume your build environment for M2K will accept multiple .rom images. Further, the extra information is lost when images are loaded (excepting V41).

I'll yield on compatibility with V41...




I am also implementing backup and restore of the MLDL2000, based on MOD files. ROM files have only a single 4K image, and I need the extra information in MOD files, such as the page in the MLDL2000. This way I can also save the SR's and make the loading a little bit more automatic, for example by loading the 4 HEPAX images in one go instead of saving 4 seperate ROM files and noting the page they are loaded in.

In addition, there is currently no easy way to generate your own MOD files from a ROM image, and add comments. I am working on some tools to add ROM images in a MOD file, and edit the parameters.


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