Nonpareil for OS/X


Can someone tell me where the latest Nonpareil is for OS/X?

I tried: with multiple browsers and get nothing but a visitors count.

I Googled and found one that works, but it does not save state to .nst files.



If the site isn't working again soon, I can send you the latest copy I downloaded. But I don't think it supports .nst files.

I'd like to do a more direct port of Nonpareil to Mac OS X, using GTK. If I did that, it would support .nst files. I don't yet have a Mac on which to do development, but that may change soon.


Two weeks ago I made the switch to a Mac. I'm about 95% comfortable with it now, and can already see my productivity (i.e. less wasted time) increasing. I hope to get a mac for home this year, and so far I have no regrets switching over to mac at the office. If you are at all thinking about leaning that way, DO IT. ;)


I'm not planning to switch, as I'm happy with Linux. I'm only getting a Mac in order to compile Nonpareil and other programs for Mac OS X.

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Mac OS is sweet poison! You will like it. :-)


Mac OS is sweet poison! You will like it. :-)

And the calculator has an RPN mode too!


I contacted Maciej Bartosiak and he fixed the web site. It is back online.

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