HP-10C emulator ?


Hi, all:

    In order to test some extremely complex computations that
    should work in the HP-10C (Voyager series model), I would need an exact HP-10C emulator.

    I've tested them "on paper" but can't be 100% sure they
    would run in an actual HP-10C unless I either use a physical
    unit (which I'd rather not) or else an exact emulator.

    I've used Nonpareil for other Voyager emulations and its
    web site states that the HP-10C (and HP-67) are supported in
    the emulation but for some reason neither seems to be included
    in my version (0.77, Windows executable). I would really need
    HP-10C emulation right now and HP-67 emulation in the very
    near future, in order to be able to test & make publicly
    available the many excellent-quality, unpublished programs I have for it.

    Thanks in advance and

Best regards from V.


Sorry, the 10C and 67 are NOT currently supported in Nonpareil. I haven't yet got a dump of the 10C ROM. Someone graciously provided a 10C to have the ROM dumped, but I've had problems with probing the IC pins reliably. I need to get some finer-pitch probe clips.

The 67 and 29C will be supported in the next release. There are some fine points of how the ACT processor works when the P (pointer) register wraps around, which cause label searching to go into an infinite loop. I don't understand how to make the simulation match the ACT hardware exactly, but I have a workaround that is sufficient to make the 67 and 29C work properly.

It's been much longer than I'd hoped since the last release of Nonpareil. I've been working at it, but going back to school part-time has cut into my spare time. I've made a lot of improvement to Nonpareil's infrastructure code, though perhaps little of it will be obvious to the user.


Thanks, Eric.

The HP-67 emulation in Nonpareil will be really great. I've
got a large number of good quality math programs for it (as well as some nice games), which I wrote at its prime time but either they weren't published in PPC despite my sending them for publication, or I simply got tired of spending a lot of time and money to send them to the US only to get rejected and stopped submitting them altogether.

I always felt bad about them not being publicly known but the lack of a physical HP-67 or an exact emulator prevented me from documenting and releasing them, either by submitting them to Datafile, say, or probably better, just making them available for download at my web site.

Your HP-67 emulation will make this possible. And good luck with your schooling, let me know if I can help with some math topics :-)

Best regards from V.


I'm really looking forward to seeing those two.

Keep up the great work Eric.

Mike T.



Mike T is offering free simulators for the HP-10C and other calculators. You might want to give his software a try.

His latest addition is the HP-67 implemented using VB 5.0.



Thanks, Namir.

I'll try both Mike T's HP-10C simulator as well as Egan's proposal below.

Best regards from V.


I have a 10C that is not in good condition and that I am willing to lend to good causes.
Get in touch if you are interested. You would just have to pay postage back to the UK which should not be too expensive if you are in Spain as I assume.



Thanks for your extremely kind offer, Arnaud, but I can't accept it.

The Spanish postal service being what it is, it would mean a considerable risk of your valuable machine getting lost or getting damaged or both.

Besides, I do own a functional HP-10C, but it is a mint instance of it which now resides batteryless and carefully sealed in a teflon bag amid some silica gel bags, and I don't feel like taking it out of its peaceful sleep just to bang on it with many tests and calculations. And accepting yours because I don't want to trouble mine doesn't feel fair to me.

Anyway, it's all a moot point because I need it right now, within this week at most, and there's no way it would arrive that fast. I've noticed that all packages from UK to Spain get sent via Germany, for whatever causes, and sometimes take longer than if sent from the US.

Thanks again and best regards from V.


This may work in the short term:



Thanks, Egan.

It'll probably do. I need just one day to test what I need to, and the trial period seems to be 10 days long.

I hope the 'extra' features and memory can be disabled because I need a high level of exactness in the simulation if the routines are going to run on a physical HP-10C. I'm also afraid that numerical results won't be exactly the same down to the last ulp, which might be important for borderline cases.

Nonpareil or other ROM-based emulator would have been ideal but alas, it's not going to be this time.

Best regards from V.

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