HP 48S Schematic ?



I've posted to the newsgroup, but thought I'd try here too:

Has anyone developed a schematic for the HP48S/SX?

I've relied on the fine HP48G schematic that Mr. Flipse has done, but have found that a HP48SX (sn3229S...) has significantly different pc layout and components that the HP48G.

This HP48SX has a Saturn IC that is not in a conventional plastic Quad Flat Package - it is some type of non-square chip carrier type
package. I would like to relate these pins to the pins of the QFP
used in the HP48G (in particular, the 'ON'' key input.).

Any other details on the HP48SX Schematic/PC layout would be



As there has been no response, I presume either:

1. This has not been done.

2. There is no interest.

3. Perhaps both of the above!

If there is any interest, please let me know,

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