HP 35S teardown with video


Article with accompanying video of a teardown of the 35S:


What surprises me is in the video they discuss testing of the calcs, how HP tests every calc in every lot. If they do all of that then how come so many of us have had bum keyboards? Something surely is amiss here.


"how come so many of us have had bum keyboards? "

And how do you come to the conclusion "so many?"

Do you know that? Or are the problem machines over-represented here?


Maybe the problem is overstated here but I don't think I've read about as many people having keyboard problems with the other HP calcs built recently. Or am I mistaken? I can say I've had two in a row now with keyboards not as well engineered as HP claims.


The 49G+ had a bona fide problem that was heavily represented--far more than the 35s or the 33s reports. Even the 17bii+ and 10bII had more keyboard grousing than for the 35s.


Then I stand corrected. I'm one of the unlucky ones who got a bum unit out of the box. I hope this replacement doesn't have the same issues.


"how come so many of us have had bum keyboards? "

And how do you come to the conclusion "so many?"

Do you know that? Or are the problem machines over-represented here?

Problems like this are *always* over-represented. It's just a fact that dedicated people on forums like this like to have a whinge when something goes wrong. So the duds get amplified and you won't hear from the vast majority who have had no trouble.

I greatly doubt HP tests every calculator for key actuation force, so it's inevitable that you'll get a small percentage of less than optimum tactile domes from the manufacturer.



IIRC, I've read the same article before already. Maybe some months ago, it was discussed here in this forum. Particularily remember the "LCD diver" ;)


I must be living in a galaxy far away, but my now rather old HP49g+ works like a charm, while my brand new HP35s didn’t register more then 50-75% of the times when I pressed “7”. HP did not(!) respond to my email. Shame on them!

I gave the little rascal some rough treatment including a moderate amount of violence, and now it seems to work. I guess all those 25 screws that hold the keyboard together could be handled without opening the calculator after all :)


I've found with the calculators it's best to call them and not use e-mail. I sent 5 e-mails before I got not an e-mail reply but
a phone call to the e-mail.

Try calling HP instead. It sure was more effective for me.

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