HHP 96k module configuration (HP-71B)



Some weeks ago, I asked how to configure HP-71B RAM large modules in 64k port. Thanks to Etienne, who kindly proposed me his HHP 96k module, I found that it is actually possible on HHP card-reader modules. You can see my findings in this file.

Now, I'm looking for more information on the 1LQ4 chip that manages the translation between the Saturn bus and standard bytewide memories. Especially I would like to get the specification/pinout or a functional description of this chip. Is it possible to find it?


J-F Garnier


Congratulations Jean-François!

I'm glad you succeeded and your very informative article could really belong to the Hpmuseum article section.

A happy Emu41/110+ daily user



Edited: 6 Mar 2008, 3:57 p.m.

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