Where to find the little red rocker switch for Speed up in HP41


Hi, I've spent some hours now on various webpages (including www.digikey.com which which has an enormous contingent of stuff and a very good search function...) trying to find a look-alike of the little red switches that were used by W&W and others for the speed-up on/off of the HP-41.

I have a few HP41's I'd like to equip so that daily use is more fun due to the speed up. Any point in the right direction would much appreciated!





I the good old days I used to sped up HP41's myself. I used an internal reed relay to do the switchover so it would not be required to make holes in the case. The calc would always run at the highest speed, except when writing magnetic cards. A small magnet would then switch the HP41 back to normal speed.

Today I would not do any modifications to my precious calculators anymore. The slower it runs, the longer you can enjoy it ;)



Hi Peter,

are you talking about this kind of switch?

I have still got some of those. How many do you need? - Just contact me.





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