Decoding Serial Numbers


My HP-19BII has a serial number starting with "3602B" which, according to the Museum's article on decoding serial numbers, would indicate my calc was assembled in Brazil in early 1996. However, next to the serial number the calc clearly reads "Made in Indonesia."

Am I missing something?


You got me there. I checked all my calculators and they always corresponded where a 'made in ***' was included with the serial number. Maybe the case was made in Indonesia and the calc. was assembled in Brazil.


Yeah, I've always thought that this 19BII had been assembled in Brazil from parts imported from Indonesia. This is the only inconsistency I've found in my collection of calcs in regards to the serial numbers.


I was told at one time that when a calculator was sent to HP for service, they would often replace it, and they had a bunch of calculators with blank serial number fields. They would then copy the serial number from the defective calculator onto the new one and ship out the new one. This could be the result of such a return.

Just a thought.

Ian Primus

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