Any separate manual for the Mainframe Labels Rom?


... anywhere to get more info on it than what is given in the David Assembler manual?


I do not have anything else apart from what is in the regular manual for the David Assembler. The only extra thing that I have created myself is a list of labels that are in David Assembler.



Send to me?


Will email the list later to you! This is a file I created from the disassembler. I will also scan a paper list I have (not digitized unfortunately) with labels, adresses, cross-reference to the VASM listing and a brief explanation with some labels.



Please do :)

Also, any tips on how I could mos efficiently copy the "CF" routine (MCODE) of the AECrom to the rom I am currently writing for myself?
I have the actual AECrom, but it destabilizes my 41CX when I use it in port 4 (pages #E & #F are free when I use NoV-32).



You have mail ;)

For modifying your AECROM CF routine, best is to make a listing, analyze the program and key it in again using David Assembler. WIth David you can make a disassembly listing with a printer. That is the oldfashioned way.

Today I would get the image of AECROM, feed it through Warren's D41 and you have your listing. Then go ahead and key your version in David, or better, use A41 to make a new ROM. Of course, my M2kM will also disassemble.





You have mail ;)

/me is grateful

Today I would get the image of AECROM, feed it through Warren's D41 and you have your listing. Then go ahead and key your version in David, or better, use A41 to make a new ROM.

Excuse my ignorance: What is the A41?


On TOS there is of course V41. Warren also has an older version for DOS, and that included not only a simulator, but a complete assembler (A41), linker (L41) and disassembler (D41) plus other tools, all sources and a manual. The complete package is known as SDK41 and can be downloaded from TOS.



Please also send to me. Thanks, Jeff


Please, Meindert
Send me also the Labels info. Thanks.



Please send me an email with your request. I cannot send the attachments through the Forum's mailer ...

The list with labels is part of the M2kM sources that will be published in time. Also there is almost the same list of labels in Warren's V41 sources, available on TOS.

The other lists (cross reference with VASM) have been scanned as I have these on paper only, but I am not happy with the results, so I will do that again. Also I did one try at OCR, and that did not work out very well yet.


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