41C to 50g Migration


I quickly wrote an article that my help many realize how easy it is to run 41C programs on the 50g with HP-41E.


Busted, lost, stolen, etc... Words that describe the fate of many beloved 41Cs. Life after the 41C is possible. This article describes how to run your favorite 41C programs on your relatively cheap, replaceable, and handsome 50g.

NOTE: the following article also applies to the 48 and 49 series.




Thank you!


You are welcome. I just updated this article with a graphical keymap.


Thank You Egan,

The reason I have not used emulators before is the lack of clear direction. Besides, I have the originals and figured it was easier to just use them rather than the trouble to set-up the emulation.

I'll give it a try now on my 50g.



Thank you very much for this guide. Well done :-)

Just a comment regarding MEMORY LOST: If you store HP41EA to a variable in the calculator RAM then you don't have to activate memory saving because RAM content will be preserved inside the emulator. Of course, in your case (HP41EA stored on SD) you must activate memory saving because HP41E is copied from SD to RAM but it is not copied back to SD upon execution.

Edited: 3 Mar 2008, 7:57 a.m.


Thanks. I'll update my document this weekend. Question: How does RAW41 interact with HP41EA? Do I transfer that modified executable from 50g to PC to add/dump code?



No, RAW41 works with RM41 variable only. If you want to use RAW41 then you have to enable memory loading/saving, of course.

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