Picture of silver 17bii+


Hi all,

I'm looking for a high res picture of this new calculator. The biggest I can find so far is at www.taschenrechner.ch - can anybody here provide something better? I need vertical view on the top side of this model. Thanks in advance!


I have one so I can take any picture you like (but I can't do so until the weekend when I'm back home). I assume by "top side" you mean looking down on the IR port cover?


By top side I mean looking down on the keyboard. Sorry for the ambiguity.


I have posted some photos here:

HP 17 B II ++

hope it helps.

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Buenas dias Andres

y muchas gracias per los photos. They are nice impressions, though not exactly what I'm looking for as stated above. BTW, 9 weeks ago you made some approximative measurements (message #18). Did you find a caliper in between? The dimensions given by different sellers vary quit a bit, so we need an independent arbiter ;)

Best regards, Walter


You'd better ask for a scan image, photos would be always central perspective ;)




Walter: I added a new photo to the link already given. While still no perfect, it is more on the line of what you asked for. Please let me have your comments. It was taken indoors, with a small tripod. You can see the inactive annunciators in the display. Of course, I already have some ideas about how to get a better photo, but I'm very short on time right now.


Andres, your new photo comes near to what I want: something like the front photos here in the Museum or the high res images on the DVD. I found out the correct name just now :-/ should have looked there earlier.

Using a tripod and the summer light you have, you will not need a flash. So, if I am entitled to wish anything still, when you have the right viewing angle (90 degrees), please add some pixels -- your photo looks like 40kB so far.


Please find below the proper link to download a high-res (3 MPix) original of the same photo. The previous Picasa download mode restricted the resolution. Let's see if it works correctly now.

Correct link to HP 17 BII++

Please use right-click to download, the URL may not work for browsing. I am just learning some of the Picasa Web Albums restrictions.

Still no caliper, but this evening I will be going to the home improvement / DIY / tools store... you gave me a good excuse to look for one!

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your link gives a 403 (forbidden) no matter how I access it.



I found the 403 Forbidden, but also found a workaround. Please try right-clicking the link on my message and then use the "Save target as..." option, to download the image file. I assume you are using Windows and IE7, which may not be the case, but that's what I have at hand to test, and it works fine here. Otherwise, Picasa will only allow for downloading a reduced resolution image.

I may explore other options soon, please let me know if the abovementioned workaround works for you.


I'm using Firefox under Windows 2003 Server. "Save as" doesn't make a difference. It returns an HTML page with the error code instead of an image.

Can you try a different image hoster (imagebanana, imageshak.us, simpleupload)? Or a file hoster like mageupload.com or rapidshare.com?


It seems this one will work... it will look too big on the browser screen, buy you should be able to download without problems (I hope...)

Hi-Res picture of HP-17B II++

Well, the original file is 880 KBy, and when you download this one the size is cut in half, so some details must be missing... I will try again to publish the 880K version...

Edited: 2 Mar 2008, 5:03 p.m.


Buenas tardes, Andres,

downloading your photo using your most recent link works fine here with Firefox 2.0, the previous one only with MS IE. Resolution is more than sufficient in either case for me. Final wish: Can you adjust the viewing angle to 90 degrees? So far you were looking slightly from the bottom...

Thanks, Walter


Well, the work week is about to start, so please be patient and wait some days for my attempt at 90°. I'm not sure I can find a good manner to obtain such picture, but I will be glad to try, trying will teach a lot, as it did in the present case. Thank you for the challenge, it is good to try new things with reasonable results!!

BTW, still no caliper here, I didn't found any at the DIY store...

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