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I am looking for a piece that compares the features or to HP50 to the HP48GX. Like do the auxiliary cards for the 48 work in the 50. I saw one for 150 bucks at Best Buy today.


For software differences, best place could be this FAQ at hpcalc.org:


The 49G was essentially a 48 with the best software incorporated in. The 50 is an even faster version of the 49 with SD card support, larger screen, and a 75mhz ARM processor. The ability to symbolically solve things has caused headaches due to the increased complexity and things that can go wrong.

No, 48 cards are not supported. Anything in particular you were hoping would work in a 50? (surveying software, math pack, etc)



Thanks, Tim. Your reply answers my basic question. The 48 card I have is the 41/48 emulator. I can only hope the fixthatcalc wizard can restore my 48GX.

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