Battery Pack for HP 21


My apologies for the lengthy link.

I recently bought an HP 21 with a 'repaired battery case'. In fact, the battery case was busted in order to accommodate 2 AA cells. It is not pretty and I have to use a screwdriver to 'pry' open the case to access the batteries. I can barely put the cover back on afterwards and it is in fact in two separate pieces. What a shame since the calculator works perfectly. I bought it because I needed a non-programmable for an upcoming test, and only an HP will do!! The charger that came with unit may be functional but I have not yet been able to test it.

My question concerns the ebay link above. Will this battery pack, stated as being a Sanyo NBP-25 battery pack for a HP 27 Scientific Calculator, work in my HP-21? If so, do you think the HP 21 charger would work with it, assuming it is functional?


Jeff Kearns

P.S. I also bought a 32E, so I am covered no matter what!

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all Woodstocks had identical batteries. I do not have any specific info about this particular type of pack, but IF it works with a HP27 as the vendor claims, it shall work with your HP21 as well - with and without a charger. Since the 21 has no continuous memory, it won't be as critical to try this pack. I'd suggest you ask the vendor a bit, e.g.: Do the batteries hold a charge still? When where they bought? etc.

HTH, Walter


it don't look good.
ask for a better picture.


Hi Jeff,
From the picture, the thing doesn't look like a woodstock battery pack. Would need to see the ends of it to tell for sure.

Also, for what it's worth, I took a CET (certified electronic technician) exam last year where programmables were banned also...but I convinced the instructor to let me use an hp67, as it has a volital memory :) regards, Hal



Thanks for your input. I asked the question suggested above and received the following reply:

"The battery pack, which is a single 2.4 volt unit, has never been used or recharged. It current-ly, no pun intended, is at 1.53 volts dc, just checked it. I bought it in 1981 as a spare for my HP 27 Scientific Calculator. I never had a need to replace the original battery pack in the calculator. The calculator had an internal recharger. What is a Woodstock Charger??, some kind of cop at a musical event ?? I no longer have the hp27."

I decided not to bid on this particular unit... I will keep looking!

Thanks again,

Jeff in Gatineau, QC


Expected something like this. That was the reason for writing "if" in capitals above :)

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