HP 48 Mac Serial Cable


I have an old HP48 to Macintosh serial cable with the very old style round 9-pin connector. I think I have a serial to USB converter adapter, but I do not have the suitable drivers for Macintosh OS X . HP seems to be mystified on this; do any readers here know of OS 10.5 (Leopard) drivers, so the Mac can see the HP 48? The old cable came with a floppy diskette which has been history for the Mac for years. Besides the driver on it would be rejected by OS X.
My direct email is jwferman@ties2.net in case anyone does not want to clutter up the forum.


You would need 10.5 compatible drivers for the usb to serial converter, but its possible that apple may have included some generic drivers. If you need some help with this, we'd need to know something about your particular device.

If you can get your serial port working, and you just need to communicate with the calculator, there are plenty of kermit programs available.

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I used a USB-serial successfully on Mac OS 10.4 to connect an HP48 an an HP95lx. On my Linux box, the converter is recognized as a Prolific PL2303 USB. Maybe try to find a cable with this chipset?


The Keyspan USB/Serial adapters work with just about anything (http://www.keyspan.com/products/usa19hs/downloads/pdf/USA19HS_v1b.pdf).

Once you have a serial port on your Mac, then get Kermit and use that to connect to your hp48. Serial devices generally cannot be queried for identification so I do not think your Mac will "see" it. The Mac can "see" the USB->Serial and register a serial port device. Use any serial communications package that supports the Kermit protocol. I used Kermit for years with my 48GX on various platforms without issue.


Thanks to the three responders. I'll look for the Keyspan adapter.

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