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I'm curious, does anyone here believe this is really a NEW, UNUSED mini data cassette?

I have never seen a NEW, Unused cassette packaged like this for any manufacture, for any size tape. They are ALWAYS in tight celophane type packaging. In my opinion, this is a repackaged tape. It's interesting that the other side isn't shown, which is generally the side A of the tape where one puts labels. Perhaps it was completely removed and can't be shown.

Has anyone ever seen a NEW HP tape, come from HP like this? I sure haven't.

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None of mine came that way new! I think it's used.


That's what I'm thinking too. These are not human wrapped, they are machine wrapped right off the assembly line. I doubt if HP says, "I think I'll make some special ones and take them to another area and put them in bags, instead of right off the assembly line."

I would also bet the other side is missing the label. It should have an HP label. But it's probably been removed, because of writing. My guess is that's why that side is not shown. It is the better side to show in a photo, if it exists.

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I have seen sealed tapes with tube sealing, like the one on your pic.

I think the tight wrapped ones were made in Mexico, and the 'tube-sealed' ones were made elsewhere.

Matthias could give more detailed info on this;-)




So here I am.... I do my very best Raymond:

Here is a picture of two types of tapes. They are both 100% new.
In my opinion, the tube packed tape is a what we call OEM-version, a not-standalone unit you could not buy in shops. In shops you bough the Mexican style tapes...



Are you assuming this is NEW and from HP or do you know for a fact it is from HP?

I find it hard to imagine that HP ever produced tapes that weren't in the celophane type packages. It would require two differnt manufacturing steps. I have never seen any tape by any manufacturer of any size that wern't packed that way. OEM or otherwise.

However I could be completely wrong on this. I hadn't ever seen a full eclipse of the moon until last night

BTW, how's the weather in Switzerland in spring? I'm looking for somewhere to go on a vacation this spring. I've been thinking about going back to Paris but I've been there a dozen times already. Perhaps it't time to go somewhere else.

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HP didn't produce them at all, they sourced them from outside vendors. They may have had multiple vendors, or the vendors may have had multiple production lines that used different packaging.


Thanks for your question!
I do not believe you are correct in this matter.
I bought two boxes of these sealed tapes from two different sources several weeks apart AND from different states and they were exactly the same bag-seal packaging, One of the sources was an HP employee.

I think you are confusing the ones that were assembled in MEXICO with the ones made in the USA. The USA manufactured ones have ALL come in the looser sealed bag. All of the ones Made in MEXICO have been in the strip-open wrapped package with MEXICO on the strip. The ones in this listing are MADE IN USA.

I have the original USA boxes, and can positively confirm their origin. On the blue/white 82176A sticker below "10 Mini Data Cassettes" is another line that reads: "Made in USA". The mexican versions have the different wrapper, and do NOT bear the "Made in USA" or similar marking anywhere on the box.

Also the dimensions of the USA box is completely different from the MEXICAN box above, specifically the MEXICAN box holds the tapes snugly lengthwise 10 across in 1 row, however the USA boxes are more narrow and deep, apparantely to allow room for the excess plastic packaging. The box is deep enough and wide enough that the tapes can either stand on end or be placed lengthwise as shown in the ebay listing above, but only 6 or 7 across. The remaining tapes fit in the box on another row.

So I have 4 independent data sources: My own Previous purchases of new MEXICO tapes, two separate sources of USA tapes with identical box, markings and packaging, and the current ebay listing of MEXICO tapes with the different box and packaging consistent with your past experience.

Can you offer stronger evidence to the contrary other than your 1 liner? :-)
Kind regards,
Al ( hudendai)


You ask: Can you offer stronger evidence to the contrary other than your 1 liner? :-) Kind regards, Al ( hudendai)

My reply:
No I can't. It just seemed like strange packaging. Like I said, I have never seen this type of packaging on any tape manufactured by any manufacturer. It looks like repackaging.

However, others seem to think it's the way some distribute them, so I will have to assume I am incorrect on this.


I can confirm to Allen: I also got my tapes from many different sellers all arround the world. Also, I can confirm the two different boxes exactly as Allen did it.


PS: Why is it that improbable to you that HP had two differnt packageing? I do have a lot of modules in different boxes, as well as calculators (mainly Woodstock serie, Spice serie, Nut serie and Pioneer serie). Ok, the tapes do not have different ROM versions or so, but as in the calculators a changing of packaging can also result from a new manufactory destination.


To jump in here semi-OT:

There was a time when HP calcs were sold in a retail cardboard box in Europe,

but in blister in the U.S. . I think this is still the case for the 'high-end' calcs.



Mike, BTW, thank you for taking the time to write your question IN ebay, you will find a distilled response at the bottom of the listing. (Darn character limits!!)


Is it possible the date makes a difference? I have HP ones made in USA, and some made in Mexico, and some Verbatim ones as well, and I've never seen the bag-type packaging-- only celophane shrink wrap.


The USA boxes I have from different sources both bear the same the stamped marking under the 82176A label

1421 18040
The NOS USA tapes inside the box have this same code printed on the top of the tape opposite the magnetic reader window. I have several other (used) tapes with the following codes stamped on the top:

Small font stamp:  
0902 18040
1421 18040
1771 18040
3260 18040

Verbatim: (manf. unknown)
0150 6879
0240 6879
0160 6879
0160 6879

Large font:
2112 18040 (HP, USA)
2112 18040 (HP, USA)
0394 18040 (HP,mexico)

The size, font, ink color, and stamp location of the HP and verbatim ID numbers are nearly identical so I suspect that they were made by the same vendor and sold under different labels . I propose the first quatrain is a date code while the last set are vendor specific codes: 18040 for HP and 6879 for VERBATIM. Fascinating but not very useful trivia.

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