Another Museum Photo on eBay




Not only was the photo copied, but most of the text as well. They didn't even happen to mention that the photo wasn't the actual calculator for sale.

Ian Primus


And let's not overlook his auction for an 11C:


Both of these auctions are using URL pointers to pictures on the Museum site. Hey Dave, sounds like it's time for the ol' picture switcheroo again! (I loved the one you did with the cheap four-banger with the masking tape logo.)


they are stealing bandwidth also.


Yep, I'd like to see that done again. Apart from the funny side the prices people get by duping the bidder with a photo of a mint calculator just pushes those prices up and up. It isn't even good for ebay - but he who pays the piper calls the tune.


I for one would love to see this done. I mean, the least he could have done would be to ask permission to use the picture, or copy it to his own site, or even to mention in his description that the picture is, in fact, NOT the calculator for sale. Either a cheap little "ISTEP Wafer" calculator (That's what I call them, they are little Casio junk calculators that they gave us for ISTEP tests. They break if you look at them funny.) Or, if you happen to have a 12c that is disassembled/broken/missing things such as, for example, 5 keys and the screen, that would be interesting as well. Or, perhaps, write in big letters across the picture "STOLEN FROM HPMUSEUM.COM"

Ian Primus


Reminds me of a funny story.

A friend asked to borrow a book so I wrote following tag in the front;

This book was stolen from J & L hancock... etc.

I then haded it to him. He left it behind when he left. Could not take a joke.

I am with you. If a small subtext was added to the picture such as you suggest it may make the sellers more honest.


I asked the seller, if this was the actual photo of his calculator.

His reply was "yes it was." If he lies about it being his photo, I wonder what you get for your bid.

Ask him yourself.

His email is


Hmm. It would seem that there are those out there that go to great lengths to be dishonest. He should have replied with something to the effect of "No, I stole it from the good folks at without so much as a credit or thanks on my auction description."

Ian Primus


I like to give everyone the benefit of the doubt so I emailed him and he promised that he would properly describe the pictures by tomorrow afternoon. (He said that his wife posted those auctions.)

I told him that would be fine but I hadn't seen Joe's follow-up. Interesting...

I did prepare a new picture just in case. Perhaps for a future auction :-)


Simple, put in a bid for $1000 or some other ammount. Then refuse to buy because the photo is fake. If he sends negative feedback simply return the 'complement' saying this is a fraud. Seller then looses face and the sale - just what he deserves.


Nobody wants a negative feedback - justified or not. I wouldn't risk that actually... I alrerady had one by a ***^$$$ç&@ who has been after several other complaints cancelled by ebay and another one by mistake, but still my profile shows up 2 undeserved neg feedbacks that are like a bad spot on my face and there's nothing on earth I can do to have them removed...


Who said anything about using your normal account...


I never do ...


Just looked again, still no credit to the Museum.


I just looked too, and no credit.

You know that he's not going to do anything. I'm sure he figures he can skate-by for a few days, and then it doesn't matter anymore! Some suckers will have purchased the machines!

Dave: PLEEEEEAAAASE do the photo-switch! I never got to see the incident mentioned by others... Haven't you given him long enough? IT'S ENTERTAINMENT TIME!!



because he has updated one of the two auctions mentioned in this thread. I've sent him an email asking him to update the other one as well.

I try to keep things friendly even when people steal my pictures, but if he doesn't fix it by tomorrow, something amusing could still happen :-)


Dave, it is a 12c that he hasn't bothered to update. That is no big deal. If your going to act, you should confuse the two and nail his 11c auction with the switch. Such an honest mistake for his honest oversight.

Just my humble opinion.

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