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I recently purchased an HP 25C in almost perfect condition at a thrift store for 25 cents(how ironic). Anyway, I have the calculator, manual and "Reserve Power Pack" which to me looks like a battery charger. I have no AC adapter or battery, and the battery cover for the calculator is missing. I tested the calculator with two AA's and alligator clips (Thanks to hpmuseum.com for the polarity on it!) and it works fine, with a crystal clear display. I want to somehow be able to use this calculator in school, as I like it much better than my other one as far as looks go, as well as a better screen. The only thing is that I need a battery and cover. I am not worried about using rechargable batteries, seeming as though I don't have a charger. Is there a way of obtaining/creating a battery cover for the calculator? Also, is there a good way of using AA's without major modification to the calculator? I can see the obvious - cut off the two little contacts, solder wires in place and use a battery holder, but I don't want to damage the calculator. How long would AA's last in this calculator? AAA's? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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