How to remember all the equations/programs?


Hello guys,

I'm beginning to use my HP35s more and more. This makes the rest
of the design team that I'm in laugh as we have all the cad tools
under the sun, but hey it works for me and I also enjoy it.

Now in my equation solver I have about 10 different equations,
also I have one or two smaller programs.

Some of these I don't use all the time but occasionally when I'm
summoned into the lab.

Do you guys tape a cheat sheet to the back of your calculators or
how do you generally remember what's where? With the equations I
can just scroll through quickly but what about the programs?




Most of us use a paper record in the holder net covering. Sam


Here's a very unelegant idea...

In the Equation Solver you can enter a non-working equation like:

QUADRATIC     (using this just for a title)

which can also be done in a program with a non executing line, ie.,

A006 RTN
A007 QUADFORMULA (This is an equation which is not executed)


It uses a line of code, but my be useful.

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