PANAME ROM undocumented functions


I recently came into possession of a PANAME ROM that came with the original French manual and an English translation. I noticed that some of the functions in the ROM were not covered in the manuals. I managed to figure out all of them except for two: RGORD and RGXTR. If anybody knows what these two functions do, please let me know. I'm in the process of writing a more comprehensive manual and would like to include the descriptions and discussions of these two functions in that manual. Once I'm finished, I'll make it available for free as a .pdf file to anyone that asks for it. If you're curious, I could send out what I have so far, just ask. I can be reached at

Mark V.


RGORD performs some kind of sorting (ORD=order) on a block.
RGXTR finds the maximum or minimum value of a block (XTR=extremum).
I think that these functions were kept out of the manual because there had bugs inside.

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