HP35S automatic renumbering mess


I have a ptograam I have corrected in a major way, hoping to keep what I had entered but when I try to enter starting GTO numbers it changes the numbers as fast as I enter them. I cannot correct it.
Beware!!!! If anybody knows a fix say so. Im keeping the program as is for now, if you can help. You may ned to enter programs from scratch to get them correct. Sam


In most cases the 35S's auto renumbering feature works correctly. If you add or delete statements other than GTO, all the remaining GTO jumps are correctly renumbered.

But, if you enter new GTO's, you'll often have to take a more cumbersome approach: enter all new GTO's with a fake jump target, say GTO A001 at the right place in the program. Once the overall program length doesn't change anymore, write down the line numbers of the target steps, go back to the respective GTO statements, delete the first one and write the correct one in its place, go to the next one and proceed in the same way until you're done with all of them.

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