41CX fixed by fixthatcalc


Just got a 41CX back from Randy at fixthatcalc and it works and looks like new. Before it quit functioning the display was very dim and blurred. Finally, it wouldn't turn on and I decided to see if Randy could fix it. The display is now sharp and everything working.



Randy is a great guy!


Randy has done a wonderful job on my 19C that was completely dead: broken and melt battery, body shells impossible to fit together again, no brains or display.

The only exception is the printer that moves but doesn't print: dead print head.

But I plan to cannibalize one of my zombie 97s to get the print head and give back scribing ability to the 19C.

That said: Randy, you're really a magician.

Thanks for the great job.



If the 19C prints nothing, I may have left plain, non-thermal paper in the unit that I use for cleaning and testing the advance rollers. As I remember the unit will print, it just had multiple dead cells on the head. So, it should print with thermal paper in place, it will just be missing pixels horizontally.


Randy... shame on me!

I didn't even notice that the paper in the printing path was plain paper... I just rushed on a brand new roll and guess what? It works exactly as you said. Just one (I guess) pixel missing but nothing unacceptable for reading the printouts given the age of the guy (1977).

I must show "total respect" to someone who brought my 19C back to life but also remembers its pathology months after sending it back.

For those who need a proof: here it is. Randy does magic...


Randy... shame on me!

Hardly! It is me with the shame... for leaving the plain paper in it. When I read it wasn't doing anything... I realized what I had done. My bad.

Thanks for all the glowing comments, I do appreciate them. I have to say that all the people I've encountered here are simply great. No other way to express it. A great community in which to be involved. Thanks to you all as FixThatCalc.com just had its five year anniversary!


Gotta add my .25 worth. Randy was able to fix up a 67 that I purchased from someone who had tried to restore it himself. (really - not me).

He got the card reader working and the keyboard, which was flakey when I got it works very well now.

Not only is he a magician, for those of us who love these old calcs he is also a life saver.


FixThatCalc new site design looks good! Keep up the great work Randy&Co!

Edited: 10 Feb 2008, 7:52 p.m.


I recently sent in my 48GX and am eagerly awaiting another demonstration of Randy's magic touch.

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