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There is an advertisement for a course Change and Motion:Calculus Made Clear on page 37 of the February 4 issue of The New Yorker. The description includes the following statement:

So why didn't you grasp calculus the first time around? In school, many of us didn't continue with mathematics and so this great achievement remains a closed door. And for those of us who did, Professor Michael Starbird can correct the clumsy classroom delivery that hid the beauty of calculus. ...

The 24 lecture, 30 minutes per lecture course has been reduced from $254.75 to $69.95. I recognize that this is a bit off-topoic, but in the spirit of the many threads concerning the use of calculators in classrooms I simply want to ask "Has anyone in this forum had any experience with this calculus course? Does the course use calculators?


Palmer, I have this course on DVD. I have watched a few of the 24 lectures, and Professor Starbird does not use calculators in the 3 or 4 lectures I have seen. He just lectures and uses props and video aids.

This is a good course, and it is one of many mathematics courses published by The Teaching Company. I have several of the math courses, and my wife has many of the religious, literature, and philosophy courses. They are all first-class.

There was a thread about a month ago with Dr. Arthur Benjamin--the "mathemagician" who could multiply in his head 2 6 digit numbers. He also lectures in several math courses from this company, and his presentations are also excellent.

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