Backslash on HP-71b



I am trying to enter Valentin's fine Sudoku generator in Emu71. Line 82 seems to contain a backslash ('\') as the 6th datum. I just don't know how to enter it neither in Emu71 nor on my physical HP-71b. Even copy/pasting it into Emu71 does not work.
Can somebody give me a hint?

Btw, Emu71 is a truly fantastic program. I couldn't believe it would write on my PC-Floppy drive, but it does and my HP-71b reads them without problems.


I have it assigned to the g-shifted key in the upper right corner, the "^" key. If I want the "^" and the user keyboard is on (which is virtually always), I do g-1USER ^.


OK, thanks for the hint.

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