office accessories for Voyager calcs


Hey all,

I have nothing to do with this auction, other than thought it would be interesting to likeminded calc-nuts. This guy sells leather binders and portfolios on eBay, of a reasonable build, design and quality, which have a pocket specifically sized to hold an HP voyager (or newer 12c variant) calculator.


As someone who feels naked without his trusty 15c at his side, I checked his products out. I found the binder slightly large for my taste, but like the portfolio a lot. The seller will even take requests for using different fonts for the engraving, if the cursive fancy-pants typeface doesn't work for you.



Might a Pioneer also fit?


I don't have a Pioneer handy to try on mine, although I do have a 35s, if they're of comparable size. It fits in the pocket, although it's slightly too tall, preventing the top-down snap from reaching.

I'd also mention that if you care about the cosmetic condition of your calculator, you'd want to keep it in its case whenever you put it in the pocket. The metal fitting for the snap is on both sides of the leather. When the portfolio/notebook is closed (and jammed into a briefcase, etc.) the metal would be scratching against the calculator. Although if the calc is in a case, the case keeps it protected quite well. It makes for a reasonable system.


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