Kermit K95 ver 2.1.3 GUI and the hp48sx


I recently downloaded a file on an old computer using an OLD DOS version of Kermit. Conn4x from HP won't work with the SX, and I plan to use my SX more, for work which will require me to transfer files to/from it often. Figuring the new Kermit available on the official kermit site would be easier to use (I am definitely NOT an experienced user - had a LOT of trouble with the older DOS version, but i finally got the file to transfer) i downloaded it to my new confuser. I have an appropriate serial cable to connect the SX to the COM1 port on the PC. Bottom line - they won't talk to each other at all. I CANNOT get them to communicate in any way. I know how to put the SX into Kermit server mode, and did that right, so the problem is with the configuration and settings in KERMIT. I have NO idea what to do, what to change, or how to change it so it will work. I read the FAQ's and the Kermit manual - might as well have been written in Greek... I have no idea what all the acronyms and jargon mean. I'm sure the answer is in there somewhere, but darn if i can recognize it! Anybody here using this setup? Can you enlighten me how to get kermit properly configured so it will communicate? if a reply here would be too long, my personal e-mail is polarbear_mike @ yahoo . com I would sincerely appreciate any help you might provide.


I'm using C-Kermit 8.0.211, 10 Apr 2004, Copyright (C) 1985, 2004

on Linux and had probably the same initial problems.

Everything works fine now with the following settings I found
in HP-48 Kermit Hints and Tips:

SET LINE /dev/ttyS0
SET MODEM TYPE DIRECT ; (C-Kermit or Kermit 95)
SET SPEED 9600 ; (Serial port speed)
SET CARRIER-WATCH OFF ; (Don't require carrier)
SET FLOW NONE ; (Don't use flow control)
SET PARITY NONE ; (8 data bits, no parity)
SET BLOCK 3 ; (if desired, or 2)
SET CONTROL PREFIX ALL ; (Necessary in Kermit 95)
SET SEND TIMEOUT 20 ; (Or other number of seconds)
SET SEND PAUSE 100 ; (Or other number of milliseconds)

I had some permission problems as well, therefore I have to run kermit as root.



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While not an answer to your question, hpcomm 3.0r4 has worked for me with the SX without issue on Win XP. I've read that it works with most flavors of windoze.


Perhaps many of you know that I'm still using Emu48 emulating a HP48SX as desktop calculator. The emulation is an exact copy of my real one with 128KB attached memory in port1 and a 128KB library card in port2. The main memory is filled with ~103KB. In mid of the 90'ies I used this calculator for SysRPL debugging and after every debugging session I had to restore the main memory content.

With Kermit this process took ~30min. I'm now doing the same backup restore in ~3min, but now with XMODEM. Therefore I'm using a XYMODEM library from 1996. The library has Lib-no. 1275: "XYMODEM v3.2 for S/G". I only find the library on my PC, there's no readme or author. And I cannot tell you from where I got the library.

If you Randy want to have a copy from this library drop me an email, but please this time with an email address where I can make an attachment. The last mail about the Emu42 topic with the attached HP42S upload program listing was refused because of the attachment.



Hi Christoph. I found the library you mention at the following link:

It's packed in a zip file called '', along with many other communication tools - I don't see a readme or author there for it, either.

Now, if i can just figure out how to get this file onto my SX, i think i'll be able to use xmodem with conn4x.

polarbear Mike

(edit - added P.S.) That same zip file contains 'xmodem31.lib' by someone identifying himself as '"PHX" alias Le Diable en Personne', from Toulouse, France, and it has a .doc file.

There is also a 'xymodem.lib' by Will Laughlin, and it too has a .doc file.

I suspect that one of these two guys is responsible for the 'xymodem32.lib'. It would be nice to know whom to thank for it!


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Now, if i can just figure out how to get this file onto my SX, i think i'll be able to use xmodem with conn4x.

Sorry, that's not possible. Conn4x use a special library (XSrvr48.hp) as XModem-Server which isn't working on a 48SX. AFAIK the file contains the 48G series version of the build-in XModem-Server of the HP49G.




Halleluia!!! Randy - you got it !!! I changed the checksum to 3 on both 30r4 and the hp48sx and it connected INSTANTLY!!! wow! Goes ta show ya that just because the settings are the same on both the client and the server don't necessarily mean it will work! GOOD catch, and thanks a million!

polarbear Mike

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