HP-41 Program conversion to Text files


Can anyone assist me with the best process to take HP-41 programs and convert them to text format so the HP-71B can read them?
Please let me know.


Connect both the HP-41 and the HP-71B via HP-IL,

then set the HP-71B into device mode (CONTROL OFF),

then initate the ENTER statement (PLEASE refer to the HP-71B/HP-IL manual for details),

then print the HP-41 program (via PRP or LIST).

Maybe setting the HP-71B to act like a printer could also help (PRINTER IS: HP71) .

There are some more possible ways to transfer data from the HP-41 to the HP-71B,

but this is the easiest method, without the need for additional hard/software.




That general approach works fine, and is in fact what the READ41 program in the Translator Pac does, but I don't think the "PRINTER IS" statement is necessary or helpful.


The 'PRINTER IS..' was a guess, but as I think about it,

that statement/directive would make more sense if the HP-71 was the sender...



I tried this approach but when trying to print from the HP-41CX, I get a "NO PRINTER" error. The HP-71B is waiting for the file but the HP-41CX errors out. I also tried the same procedure after completing a RESET HPIL and no CONTROL OFF command. The HP-41CX gave a Transmit Error and I assume because the HP-71B was acting as the controller.Procedure followed.I also attempted to PRINTER IS:HP71 but this gives a MODE error on the HP-71B.

Connect HP-41CX to HP-71B Via HP-IL

Turn on the HP-71B

Turn On the HP-41CX

CONTROL OFF Command on the HP-71B

ENTER LOOP A$ Command on the HP-71B

XEQ PRP on the HP-41CX

Have I done this correctly?

Please let me know,



It has been a long time since I've done this, so I might be forgetting some details. I think your error message comes from the 41's going out on the loop and looking for something that looks like a printer, and not finding it. If you do



before "printing", you will be telling it exactly which device to use. That assumes that the 71 is the first device on the loop. If it's not, change the number accordingly.


The trick here is to do MANIO on the HP-41C, otherwise the HP-41C searches for a printer, and there is none.

And of course, the HP-71B has to do a lot of ENTER statements to read all the program lines. You could do something like:

20 DISP A$
30 IF POS(A$,"END")=0 THEN 10



That MANIO did the trick. The key is to get the data to save to a text file on the HP-71B. Will work on that tonight. All I need to do is convert the programs for a friend to load from the 9114 drive to the HP-71B. Any help on the program would be appreciated.


Are you trying to run the 41 programs on the 71 using the HP-41 Translator Pac? If so, use the READ41 program in the Translator Pac.

Other than that, if you have an 82164A HP-IL to serial converter, you can use the PRP ("PRint Program") function to send the program as text to the serial converter, to be captured on any kind of computer with a serial port.

If you have either the 82164A or a 9114 disk, you use Tony Duell's life_utils on a PC running Linux to capture and decode it (lifget and prog41). Perhaps someone has ported lif_utils to Windows or DOS, or perhaps equivalents exist.


Also EMU41 (in combination with the HP-IL/PC Interface Card) includes the possibility to print HP41 programs inside an ASCII text file....

Best regards - Christoph KLug

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