horizontal curve pgm. for surveyors


this message pertains to state highway department engineers who survey horizontal curves on a regular basis. I have written a program on the 41, 42s, and 48 (all the same program) which, given 3 pieces of data, will calculate an entire simple curve for the purpose of laying in from the PC (BS on PI or back tangent) with a total station. This program can save 45 min. or so key punching. The only catch is that you have to have the IR printer. If anyone is interested, please let me know and I will ask the most honorable webmaster to post it. Any takers?

thank you,



I say go for it! Sounds like a very useful program for the likes of us. Besides, look at the number of "survey pac" wanted ads posted in regard to our beloved companion the 41. Now, get to work on the vertical curve design and then you really got something. Yep, us surveyors do more than look through the "thingy", when were not you can probably find us with a set of plans on a suburban hood punching away on an hp.


yeah-i know that feeling. and, actually, a vcurve program is my next thing to work on-i just didn't know if anyone needed it. but i'll ask mr. hicks to post it. john


Have you checked out www.hpcalc.org? It is "Mecca" for the HP 48 series. There are hundreds of programs, and dozens of engineering programs, including several Surveying programs. I posted a large zip file that contained several progams written by Victor Maletic, Caltrans Bridge Engineer. One is "traverse", its function obvious. Another is referred to as "heck-uva-deck" it is a powerful survey program used for surveying/laying out bridge decks. It is useful for ground surveying as well. The site is run by Eric Rechlin(?) Steve


thanks for the tip, steve. I'll definitely go check that out as i will be needing those programs very soon. john


I have written what i thought was the complete and most efficient horizontal curve pgm. for the HP 42S, hopefully we can talk.

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