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Dear calculator collectors!

I know I'm way off topic with my Casio related question .- I just don't know where else to ask :-(

I have the very nice looking Casio fx-190. It's a calculator and scale. Having no manual I managed to find out all but one funtion. I couldn't figure what the shifted red "x10" key will do. It's the left most on the bottom line.

If one of you happens to have this beauty and could tell me more about this mysterious key, I would very much appreciate your help.

If anybody has a spare manual or a pdf of it...

Thanks for reading and (hopefully) helping in advance.


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I couldn't figue what the shifted red "x10" key will do

Is it a power-of-ten key? Equivalent to the "E" key on our favorites?


No, there is another dedicated log/power of ten key in the top row. And it's not an EEX key either.

I guess, the red shifted "x10" should have some influence on the LCD scale. The third key on the last row shifted is labeled "log S" and brings logarithmic ticks to the LCD scale. The first five keys of that row all have some scale related function...

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Could you post a photo of the calculator?

-- Antonio


Could you post a photo of the calculator?

-- Antonio

Click the link in my first post...


i think it multiplies the scaling by 10. the "log S" changes to a log scale.


Good evening,

On the fx-190, the INV x10 key sequence will multiply by 10 the decimal part of the scale and have the corresponding LCD index blink.

I'll try to be clear with an example (from the manual):


AC to clear the calc
50.4 SCALE this will cause the LCD scale to show dots up to 50.4

and now:

INV x10

LCD scale stays the same but the FRAC(50.4)x10 dot will blink.

I hope it is clear.

If not, I'll try to grasp my camera and post a picture tomorrow.

BTW, if you're interested in the manual in french or german, just let me know through the Hpmuseum contact list.

Cheers from France


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If not, I'll try to grasp my camera and post a picture tomorrow.

well, i'm to late with the explanation but not with a picture, although i used 22.8 as an example.





Nice picture, This is indeed a beautiful instrument.

Your picture shows clearly for the 22.8 example:

- Full fixed LCD scale up to 22
- Blinking dot at level 8 ie FRAC(22.8)x10

Kind regards



By looking at Harald's photo, I just realized that on my fx190 I can only see the bottom half of the scale LCD, i.e. the black part of the ticks and the two arrows. I can't see the 'white' part of the ticks and that wave thing on top of the arrows. :-(

Is there any more information displayed in the upper part?

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Etienne, Harald,

thank you both. I can easily reproduce that behaviour on my fx-190. But: what is it good for?


I asked this myself and found no answer… The manual provides only the example Etienne gave, so i think the people at Casio who wrote it haven't a clue either.


George, Harald,

This allows you to visualize in a more precise manner the decimal part of a measure by scaling it up x10.

Let's take a measurement of 90: this can be seen easily on the dotted LCD scale.

In the case of a 90.3 measurement, the space & density of the LCD dots do not allow you to visualize the 0.3 FRAC part.

Therefore, by scaling it up x10, you will see the corresponding dot blinking and will visualize:

- The integer part of the measurement on the LCD scale

- The Frac part at the blinking dot level.

And the fx-190 is even programmable!!!

Kind regards from France


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BTW, if you're interested in the manual in french or german, just let me know through the Hpmuseum contact list.

Thank you Etienne, you've got mail ;-)



Thank you for the enormous work you went through for my benefit! I can now fully enjoy my fx-190!


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I was glad to help and to know other people who appreciate these fine instruments.

Will you need a close-up picture from the LCD-scale?

MfG aus Frankreich.



Will you need a close-up picture from the LCD-scale?

No, thank you. From scanning through my *new* manual, I can tell that I seem to be missing no additional information from the fact that my fx-190's LCD is skipped slightly upwards. Only the ~ is not well visible. But I judge its information bonus not really nescessary ;-)

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