This 11C will drive tears into your eyes...



no, I don't want to push this eBay auction, as some other member likes to do here;-)

Actually, anyone wo bids on this auction can be considered a masochist, or simply a fool...

eBay 230215219212

Enjoy the item description, especially these parts ('..good working condition..', '..some scratches..' )


But wait, the 11C logo seems to be worth a 2nd look...


But it comes with new batteries!!

Reminds me of that scene from Ghostbusters when Ray brings the car in and says it only needs "new shocks, motor, transmission, brakes, etc etc etc" and it only cost $4800!


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Actually I find it quite interesting! Obviously a truck ran over it -and it's still working!! Amazing! Who can name any other calculator that would...?


This reminds me an article in the HP Journal, long ago.

It is the story of a customer who left his 41C in its pouch on his car roof. When driving, he noticed something in the rear mirror that seemed to fall off the roof.

When he realized that he forgot the calc, he drove back to get it, found the pouch lacerated and the 41C almost in pieces. He managed to switch it on and it worked as on the first day. When sending it back to the service dept, they told him that they'd be happy to keep it for their HP museum and give him a new one instead.

I guess the story is true since they published it in the journal.


Hi all,

what is the most surprising for me is that I'm sure to have already seen THIS 11C an aution a few months ago. I can't mistake, there was the same pb under the screen.

As I wasn't interested at all for buying it (and was only sad to see one in such a poor condition), I can't remember if it's the same seller who had no bidder last time, or another one who sells it now after having bought it last time (for what reason?!)...



As of 1/28/08, it has five bids the biggest is $26! Eek!

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Luckily, this is "good working condition". I'd really like to see a "bad non working condition" one as a comparison 8)


I'd really like to see a "bad non working condition" one as a comparison 8)

No electronics inside, some ugly scratches on the faceplate, one sliced key, no logo, no battery cover... No tears, please!

At least, this one is not for sale :-)


Don't you love it? still passes the self test, only a vintage HP!!!!


I am still loath to throw it into the dustbin...

Anyway, that's my other 11C :-)

P.S.: Try to figure out what the displayed number is...



Message #16


Excellent memory! Had forgotten about that after almost past two years...

By the way, that 11C passes the self tests too :-)




Excellent memory!

Thanks Gerson but I was more like a google search.

By the way, that 11C passes the self tests too :-)

It seems then you got "The Beauty and the Beast" in calculators and both in working condition, congratulations!

Take care, Thor


Actually I bought an 11C in even worst shape from this seller. Paid $15.50 I bought is only for the logo since I have an 11C missing its logo. I'm happy with the txn. You can see a picture of it by clicking on her feedback.


..Actually I bought an 11C in even worst shape..

I see what you mean.

Maybe these 11C's were placed under the wheels of a truck, to help driving it out of the mud?

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