I have just copied a surveying program from cards, using a 82104a card reader, the 82143A printer set on manual mode, and my HP41CX.

I have printed out the program in order to archive it, and have a query about the second last line, which reads:
"730 XROM 30,01"
The last line is then
"731 END"

The program was written by Kern Instruments in Switzerland about 25 years ago, and was for checking the reliability of their DKM503 Distomat (EDM).

Any assistance in explaining line 730 would be appreciated
.....Bill Lafferty


Was the card reader still connected when you did the printout? XROM 30,01 is the card reader function MRG.


For a list of XROM 30 see this earlier post:
HP-41 card reader Commands.



Many thanks for the response to my query
....Bill Lafferty

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