Quality of HP calcs. made in different countries


I just obtained a mint HP42S made in the USA in 1988. I have owned a lot of replacement HP42S made in Indonesia [ 1999 and 2000 ] and a couple made in Singapore [ 1991 and 1993 ]. To be honest, I find the one made in the US feels to be perfect in construction and the buttons are just so crisp and smooth. The calculators I have that were made in Indonesia, are new but still don't feel as perfect as the one made in the US. Even the screen looks a better quality, with a flat clear plastic over the LCD that improves, in my opinion, it's clarity. Should the quality of a calculator vary because of the country it was manufactured? Or am I just overwhelmed with my new US toy?


IMHO, the US made HP calculators are the highest quality, with those made in Singapore being a very close second. The fit and finish is beautiful. The Indonesian HPs are inferior - the cases don't fit together as well, the key legends are only painted on, the bends on the metal bezel around the keyboard and display are not as sharp.

With regard to your new 42S, I have a 42S made in Singapore with the same older style display. Yes, it is a nicer looking display than that found on later 42S machines.

So, to answer both of your questions: Yes, the US made calculators are the highest quality. And, yes, you are infatuated with your new toy. Enjoy!


Hi; (hello, Iqbal. Good news comming soon...)

You got the perfect comparison environment: the same calculator being produced in different countries. Brazil no longer produces HewPack`s, so I cannot say any about news. The fact USA has the highest quality, I believe it is mandatory (or not?). I have a 41CX and a 16C, both Made in USA (these models have not been produced/commercialized in Brasil) and a 15C, a 28S and a 41CV Made in Brazil. I cannot compare, but I had my 15C three times at the sales office to be replaced, and the 41CV, two times. Neither the CX nor the 16C needed repair... at least, till today.

Cosmetics: look and keyboard feeling are the same for them.



I agree. US-made calculators are simply the best, with Singapore-made ones as a very close second.

I have an Indonesian 48GX that looks cheap and feels like an ordinary calculator. Had to buy it to replace a Singapore-made I lost that was much better. And I don't mind if I lose it or it braks.

As of previous models, a US-made 41C I bought just needed a fresh set of batteries to light up. It was made in 1980 and worked just fine after 21 years. The best thing about it is the crispy feel of the keyboard. Just like new, I think.

Presumably calculators are now made in Indonesia and China because of lower cost, but quality has been sacrified. Cheap may sometimes imply poor quality.


My HP-67 that's had all sorts of problems was made in Singapore. My others, have no problems, and were made in the USA. Coincidence?


Heh! Now you know why I bought two of them from you. :^)

It's also a good example of what happens when the bean-counters become the top-level decision makers in a company. The script looks something like this:

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I laugh, but it is too true.


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-Bill Wiese
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joe; i don't quite understand: does this mean they are going to bring back the u.s. government to somewhere on earth? i'm all for it. it's been a while.

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