A shortcut for running programs on a HP-35s


Well, I bought a 35S some time ago, and I was really disappointed by its drawbacks. But since it's a very beautiful calculator, I've been using it for a self-imposed week.

One of the things that upset me was to hit XEQ A ENTER to start program A. But I discovered a trick I never read here (if I'm not the first, excuse me).

In the listing there should be something like:

0001 GTO B001
A002 ...
B002 ...

Now, if things are designed this way, it suffices hitting R/S to start program B. But if I want to use program A? Change only the first instruction into GTO A001, hit R/S a couple of times (to reset the program pointer, or reset it manually with GTO 0001) and from now on, hitting R/S will run program A. If you have another program, say Z, change the pointer to GTO Z001. Of course, any starting point is valid (e.g. GTO A031).

Do you think it's useful?

-- Antonio


Nice idea, very useful! Thanks!

Clearly one of those 'why didn't I think of that'-ideas ;-)


When I write a new "ad hoc" program, I always put it at the top of the program space for this very reason. This goes back to the earliest days of HP programming. But your refinement seems new to me.



instead of manually doing 'GTO 0001', you could also do 'GTO ..' , like on the HP-41 and HP-42S ;-)




of course...

-- Antonio

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