Hi everyone
I,ve had my hp-19BII calculator for a year now and i am exstatic over it. This is by far the best calculator i,ve ever had. Now i am looking into the solver function. Since i dont have any formal training in this, i was wondering if anyone could direct me to good litterature covering the solver function either free or paid stuff and functions already written by others.
My main goal is to be able to make equations in the fields of micro and macro economics, accounting, financial and statistics.
For now i have mastered making equations for beta variances in stocks and markets


Hi Andre,

I agree with you - the 19BII has one of the best solvers, and the keyboard makes it a lot easier to enter the formulas. The best reference is the "HP-27S/19B Technical Applications" book. You can get it on the HPMuseum CD/DVD manual set, or just get the one CD that it's on (I think CD01, but you better check that to make sure).

The Technical Application book has a great section on using the L() and G() functions. Also has a lot of examples from many different fields.



I would recommend HP-27S/19B Technical Applications. It is available in the Museum DVD and also in CD 01, if you don't need the whole set:


Don Shepherd has written some programming tips for the HP-17BII+ which applies to the HP-19BII as well:





A few years ago I refined HP's Black-Scholes Solver equation, and Normal CDFs.
You may these interesting:

Normal CDFs & Black-Scholes


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