Easier way to program 50G


A big 'thank you' to all you kind and wonderful
people . I have received a great response from many
of you and really appreciate your efforts.
An appology is perhaps in order , as I took my
time to reply but our daughter and granddaughter paid
us a visit from overseas and I did not get a chance to reply

I have installed HPUseredit and am now trying
to find my way around with this new utility.
I have now managed to write my first working
program (36 lines) using HPUseredit , it took me 2 days,
for a program that should have taken 10mins. at most.
Anyhow , I connected via connectivity utility PC -> 50G ,
dragged the file across and ran it on 50G without
any "problemos".
Perhaps only a little snag , as the program name displayed
in the soft menu is including the extension , so instead of
"myfirst" it is saved as "myfirst.hpprg"

Does anyone have a English Help file for HPUseredit?

Again thanks a lot for your help.

Best Regards


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