Can the Clonix 41 module be used together other modules?


A few questions:

- Can an HP41CX hold two clonix modules, three?
- Can an HP41C be populated with a QUAD module, XFUNCTIONS module and a Clonix 41 containing HP41 Advanced, EXT I/O and HPIL DEV?

- In which cases there are conflicts?



Hello Gonzalo :

No, you can not use 2 clonix41 in the same calculator.
Perhaps you can contact Diego Diaz. You have the link in

Best regards.

Iñigo Rodriguez (Spain)


Hola, Gonzalo; ¿como estás?

- Can an HP41CX hold two clonix modules, three? -
In fact, there is no actual problem using more than two Clonix modules. Big question would probably be "What for?" Once you configure your Clonix41 in the "worst case", you already have six of the eight "user" blocks occupied. So, if you use a second Clonix, you can only use two of the six Non-volatile RAM blocks available with it. Yes, you can configure your Clonix to some of the HP41 "system addressed" blocks, numbered block#7 and below (up to block#3), or you can find some ROM sharing the same block address with bank shifting (HEPAX, Advantage, etc.), but you must take care not invading addresses already occupied. The 41Cx deserves more attention in such cases, though... In any case, more than two Clonix modules would lead to unused memory space in one (some) of them.

- Can an HP41C be populated with a QUAD module, XFUNCTIONS module and a Clonix 41 containing HP41 Advanced, EXT I/O and HPIL DEV? -
By HP41 Advanced I assume you are talking about the HP41 Advantage; is that correct? Based on your proposed configuration, you'd use all of the six Non-volatile RAM blocks in your Clonix and a seventh 'user addressed' block (X-Functions). In this case, if you configure it correctly (block#8 and above), taking special care with the HP41 Advantage (bank configuration), I see no particular problem. And you may choose wich blocks to leave unused, and free one of the four calculator ports. Chances are you may wish to use a ROM module, somehow.

- In which cases there are conflicts?
Once you have no address conflicts, just make sure:

- there are no duplicate XROM-numbers;

- there are no operation conflicts (application modules usually behave accordingly; some function modules may not accept others); and

- no duplicate function names.

The last one is mostly a warning. In case of duplicating names, only the function in the module addressed by the highest-numbered port will be accessed. Think of it as when you have a program with a global lable that replicates an HP41 internal function, or two programs with identically named global lables: the one that comes first is always executed. The HP41 handles duplicate names this way.

Hope this helps.

Luiz (Brazil)

Edited: 21 Jan 2008, 1:02 p.m.

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