HP-41 Skwid ROM manual addendum



In one of the pictures of a recent auction, I read an interesting note that is not in my own Extended IL Rom module manual.

As it is a bit hard to decipher it on the auction picture, I took the liberty to re-type it here:


After EXT IL ROM was sent for manufacture the following
difficulty was found:

SNEWM The SNEWM function will not work correctly on a medium
which has not been previously formatted. The MEDM ERR
message will come up.

To get around this problem use the NEWM function in the
HP-IL module and then use SNEWM.


Edited: 15 Jan 2008, 3:42 p.m.


Hello Jean-Francois,

now that you mention it, that's exactly what I experienced with the SNEWM function in the past.

I had to format a bunch of 82176A tapes, but even with some new tapes, the SNEWM didn't reliably format the media.

So I tried with the normal IL module NEWM function back then, and reformatted with SNEWM after that, and it worked

in 100 percent of the cases. Took me hours to realize that not the medium or the drive was defective,

but the formatting function. I guess I didn't expect that from an HP-41 piece of software;-)



Is there a copy of this Squid IL Rom available to load on to the MLDL2000? Does anyone have a copy of the manual?
Please let me know. Is this ROM image the same as the Extended IO Rom?

Edited: 15 Jan 2008, 7:06 p.m.


I don't know if the ROM image is available at TOS.

However the Extended IL from Squid is a quite different beast than the Extended I/O module from HP.

The XIL is more intended for end users, whereas the XIO tends more to users who want to perform more special or exotic HP-IL tasks.

For those interested, I made a ROM called IL/X , which could be seen as kinda 'Best of both Worlds',

as it's a single 4K ROM implementing functions of both the XIL and XIO.




Please share if you can.


That would be fantastic to share. Also, I can provide a copy of the manual if needed if someone can help me out with Copyright laws etc - any issues?





those interested in getting a ROM image of the IL/X, just drop me a mail at:

M a g i c 4 8 g e s @ g m x . d e

I didn't publish it to TOS so far.

Originally I made a version which included the famous MCLIST/MCPRP code from the XIL,

but since I didn't use for about a decade, in the current version this code

has been removed to make room for some XIO/AutoDUP code,

like FLLENG, MCOPY, MVERIFY , and some completely different code, like SAVEROM, GETROM.

The latter two functions were included in the CCD OS/X before I reorganized that ROM.

Now the CCD OS/X implements the full version of CAT'4 from the CCD module,

so there wasn't enough room left for SAVEROM/GETROM in the OS/X...

Actually I made some more versions of the core IL/X, each one with a different emphasis.

I may also make a version which features INP/OUTP instead of MCOPY/MVERIFY,

or MCLIST/MCPRP again, it's all a matter of taste and available room;-)



Hi Raymond,

I can not reach you by email, it seems your gmx server doesn't like me:

host mx0.gmx.net[] said: 550-5.7.1 {mx020}
The recipient does not accept mails from 'wanadoo.fr' over foreign mailservers 550 5.7.1
Strange, isn't it? But I would be happy to get your IL/X ROM, for sure!



I actually got a similar bounce...



hmmm, strange thing that some mail domains seem to be rejected by GMX.

@J-F: You have mail.

@PeterP: Please use my other mail address, or else leave your reply mail address here in coded form, so I can send you the archives to there.

Sorry for any inconveniences...



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