Availability of new HP 17bII+


This recent message indicated that the new silver 17bII+ is shown on the HP web site. It is indeed it is shown on the Small & Medium Business (SMB) site:

edit 1/23/08 - the new silver 17bII+ is no longer shown at the SMB link provided below

17bII+ at HP SMB

However, the Home & Home Office (HHO) HP store continues to show the old-style:

17bII+ at HP Home & Home Office

Just because SMB shows the new picture does not guarantee that the new version is available. If you add the item to you cart at each site and then check it, the exact same part number (or product number) is given, F2234A#ABA, so they have not created a new part number to identify the new version. I don't know if an order through SMB pulls from the same stock as an order from HHO, so it is possible that SMB has new stock and HHO does not. Not wanting to play calculator roulette (i.e. order from SMB and hope for the new version), I tried the "Live Chat" option at the HP web site and asked if I would receive the new version if ordered through SMB. I provided the above links in my question. The response was:

The Product you are requesting information about is in our Home and Home Office Store. You can visit their website at http://www.hp.com/hho/solutions/home_homeoffice.html Thank You for your interest in our home/home office products.

So I closed the chat window and was immediately offered the chance to provide feedback on my support experience. I indicated that I was dissatisfied, and basically repeated the question. No response so far.

edit 1/23/08 - no response ever received. Also no response to an e-mail inquiry

Has anybody in the US ordered a new 17bII+ from HP SMB? If so, any received yet?

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Chinese, Chinese and Chinese again...

But where are our good ol' keyboards?? All this crap looks so much unfinished and discounted to PRC factories to lower the costs that I wonder whether they gonna work as long as their predecessors did.

[end of flame] :)


i don't know the answer to your question but, they had one as a door prize at the san diego hhc and it was a very handsome unit. i wanted it but got something(s) else instead. couldn't push the buttons but i think it's a good start as the body for a basic non-or-barely programmable calc. it looked even smaller than the 32/42 series but i didn't have one to compare.

anyway, as it is it's just a bean counters calc. who cares if it's any good?

btw: what's a PRC factory?


btw: what's a PRC factory?

PRC = Peoples Republic of China


anyway, as it is it's just a bean counters calc. who cares if it's any good?

The obvious answer is, of course, that the bean counters care. Why does that make any difference? Because it was the fascination and loyalty of the bean counter community that made the HP-12C the success that it has become.


I have (!) that one 17 B II ++ (silver) from the door prices table of HHC2007. It's a very nice unit with a very much Pioneer-like form factor (a little thicker than the old Pioneers, but with the same overall size, weight, display and keyboard layout, even IR interface). The keyboard feels like the HP 35 S, which is good enough for me. For an engineer, the functionality seems a little poor, comparing the 17B and its siblings with the 42S, which had similar hardware and even less ROM (OK, prompts and messages in various languages take some ROM space). I hope HP would use this form factor for a 2008 RPN scientific, or mixed scientific/business; I think it could be the best thing some of us may expect. (kind of the much expected 43S?)


I wonder whether they gonna work as long as their predecessors did.

Actually, it works better than its immediate predecessor.


I have been looking for a Silver 17bII+, but no dice. The SMB Page doesn't show a picture anymore.




The link does work, thanks. However, if I click on data sheet, I get the sheet for the 2003 HP17bii+.

Would you recommend I wait for the new silver 17bii or should I get the classic model (NOT the 2003 revival)?

Thanks in advance.

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I can assure you that the silver is a very nice machine (much nicer than the 2003 model), I think I would prefer it aganist a beaten original (I mean 17BII)... now against a true-mint-condition original... I don't know!!


FYI, you'll find one of these new calcs offered since today in the German section of TAS which must not be named. So apparently its becoming available in continental Europe now, not only on the rainy isles ;-) BTW I'm not the seller nor do I know him/her.

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