HP 48GX Black LCD on eBay


I thought the HP 48GX models with the black LCDs first appeared with the Indonesian made models with serial numbers starting with ID. The following eBay ad indicates otherwise:


The photo of the front of the calculator doesn't look like a Singapore model since the font of the keys is of the newer design. However, the photo of the back of the calculator indicates a Singapore model (although the serial number on the calculator does not match the one listed on the ad).

The seller has 100% positive feedback.



I agree.. The serial number on the CALC indicates manufacture in 1994. I would be very surprised indeed if they had a BLACK LCD version from that year.


I concur.


Not strange, it's just a repaired unit. It's actually a franken-calc as I agree, it appears to be a non-molded key keyboard. It could be a newer Indonesian keyboard/LCD married to an an old Singapore back or just a repair job with a new LCD. Any which way it goes, it isn't original.

Black LCD's first appeared on Indonesian units in late 2000. The earliest production unit I've seen was ID039.

The seller is in France, selling for others in South America. He probably does not know the history of the unit.


Now if you say it's a repaired unit then repaired by whom? I don't think HP ever repair the 48 as it's considered welded shut and not repairable.


By somebody other than HP. People have been opening and modifying 48's since the first week they where produced.

I've certainly cracked open a few...

How long did it take some of the regulars here to open their 33S/50G/35S?


I suspected that much.

The seller didn't state that the calculator had being opened up and modified.

The fact that the calculator had being modified would have affected whether I would bid for the calculator or what price I thought the calculator would be worth if I was interested in bidding.

I suspect that most people would be rather displeased if they spent over 200 dollars to buy what they consider a quality product to find out that the calculator separated into two pieces when they got it out of the box.

And to add further insult, when asked why the fact that the calculator had being opened up was not communicated to potential buyers, the seller says he didn't know and no one asked!

I'm sorry to get carried away but I've being burned a few times on eBay.

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