OT: Business Calculator from Dynatech.de


I've found the following on Dynatech.de:

http://dynatech.de/produkte/produkt.php?prod=4292 (or go to the homepage and navigate there.)

"BWK Business Finanzmathematischer Taschenrechner
3-Zeilen LCD-Display / 5 Speicherplätze / 4 Modi"

What is it? A german invention? (The name suggests it, BWK stands for a name of a German consultant.)

Or is this just some chinese OEM product?

EDIT: Here is some info in English:

Edited: 15 Jan 2008, 3:51 a.m.


AFAIK this product is not new. It seems to come from the same manufacturer who produced the HP10Bii, but I may be wrong.

N.B.: "3-Zeilen LCD" must be a typo. Or where did you find the third line?


N.B.: "3-Zeilen LCD" must be a typo. Or where did you find the third line?

Annunciators line?


Bien, bien, mais would you call a 35S featuring a 3-line LCD? Or did I miss a new stage of advertising?


I ordered one and it has just arrived!

Some facts:

1. The machine is built in China but bares a label "German Design" on the back.

2. The LCD has three areas:
Bottom row with 11 digits + sign
Upper row with 11 positions, 5x7 pixels each, plus 4 arrow annunciators
Top row with the following text annunciators:

3. The keyboard is ok even if a litte stiff. The contrast for the shifted functions is somthing between ok (grey on red resp. black) and bad (grey on grey)

4. The device connects to a PC. It doubles as a numeric keypad and can upload some stored information (see below) to the PC app the can be downloaded from www.FAF-verlag.com (registered users only).

Only a few words about the functionality:

Its a TVM machine, no programming, no statistics. TVM is very complete (at least for me who is a TVM hobbyist).

It stores up to 40 complete TVM records which can be named. This is the YOERS function: Yes, OK, Exactly, Right, Sure. The records can be sent to the PC for documentation purposes.

It does cashflows but I haven't checked that out, yet.

As a calculator it works with complete AOS, including parantheses and precedence (exponentiation, multiplication, addition). You cannot enter base 10 exponents but the machine handles and displays numbers up to 10^9999 with 11 digits precision.

My preliminary conclusion: The machine works as designed. Its meant as a tool for financial pros to do quick and reliable TVM calculations for or together with customers. The results can be archived and formatted an the PC.


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